When Do Woodbridge Dodge Drivers Need Brake Fluid Service

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Brake fluid can often be a slippery subject as it varies greatly from each manufacturer. Some companies list it on their maintenance schedule as something that should be done every two years, while others don’t include it at all.

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The answer, as with many hard questions, lies somewhere in the middle according to the Dodge service experts at our Woodbridge area dealer. Brake fluid is an integral part of the brake system and plays an important part in helping you come to a stop. That’s why you can’t completely ignore them, but how often should you get it replaced? Let’s take a look.

Time To Replace Brake Fluid

The reason that there’s so much variation on when manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid is that there aren’t any clear cut signs of when it needs to be done. To be clear, our Woodbridge area Dodge service center recommends that it SHOULD be done, but it does not need to be done every two years, or at a set number of miles. It has to do with how you drive your vehicle.

Brake fluid is contained in a sealed system that prevents it from exposure to pollutants, which is why it doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other fluids. The problem is that moisture does find a way into your brake fluid over time and that will lead to corrosion in your brake system. This same moisture can also reduce the boiling temperature of brake fluid, which is a big deal considering how hot it gets under the hood of a vehicle. This can reduce the effectiveness of your brakes during repeated hard stops.

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So no, you don’t need to have your brake fluid replaced every two years unless you want to be on the safe side. Our service technicians recommend that you get it done along with other common brake system service every 4-5 years. This will ensure that you can always count on your vehicle to stop when you need it to.

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