Road Trip Packing Tips for Dodge Woodbridge Drivers

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Road Trip Packing Tips

Is the song of the open road calling to you? The idea of packing up and heading off down the road with a few good friends on a little adventure with no set destination in mind is always an enticing option, but it’s not always quite as easy as it sounds.

It does take a little planning to get everyone and everything you need into your Dodge Dart near Woodbridge, or even into a Durango. You need to be smart about what you bring, and how you fit it in so you can maximize the fun on your road trip. That’s why we wanted to offer some tips on how to pack for a successful road trip.

How To Pack Smart for Your Next Road Trip

It starts with what you already have in your car. Many people let junk and garbage build up in their vehicle. Clean out the extra clothing and miscellaneous items that clutter your back seat on a regular basis so you have room for the necessities.

Once you’ve got your Dodge clean, then it’s time to load up. Think about the things you may need to reach while driving and pack them closest to you so you can reach them. This may include things like snacks or your computer, but they should stay up front or on top where you can reach them quickly. Many Dodge vehicles offer versatile seating so you can put seats down if you need extra space when you only have one or two friends with you.

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You should pack the heaviest items as far forward as possible and close to the floor as they can be dangerous if stacked on top of lighter things. You should never stack things to the ceiling in an SUV as they can become projectiles if you have to stop short. You can pack small items like toiletries or backpacks together in order to maximize space and keep things organized.

An emergency roadside kit is a definite in your luggage that can be easily accessed in the event of car trouble or minor injuries during a hike. If you feel like you’re running out of the room, our Dodge dealer serving Woodbridge has many vehicles that offer a roof rack that gives you more capability for packing bigger things like mountain bikes.


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