Ocean Dunes Waterpark

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Ocean Dunes Waterpark

You always look forward to summer. But sometimes, when it finally arrives, you find that you are too hot to do much of anything. With the sun beating down on you, you just want to find a way to cool off without having to stay in your house with the air conditioning blasting. Well, if you want to enjoy some fun in the sun without being completely hot and sweaty all day, you might want to make plans to visit Ocean Dunes Waterpark. This ocean-themed waterpark has about everything you could want from a fun-in-the-sun experience, and kids and adults alike will enjoy hanging out there. The following are a few of the attractions you can expect when you go.

Huge Slides

There’s nothing more exciting than going down a water slide, especially for the little ones, and they are going to absolutely love the 230-foot open water slide at this park. They’re going to want to go down it again and again. If they want a bit of a different adventure, there are other slides to check out as well. For example, you can’t forget about the 170-foot closed waterslide. It’s so much fun to get in at the top and race to the bottom where the cool water waits.

Play Area

Sometimes, the kids want to splash around in the water, and that’s just what the play area is for. Whether your little ones want to bring some play toys with them or splash around with their friends, they are going to have a great time. They’ll have a blast running through the water jets for hours at a time, or they can relax for a while under an umbrella to get some shade.

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Snack Shack

Sliding, swimming, and splashing around in the water is a lot of hard work, which is why you may want to take a break from all that fun in the sun to grab a snack. Don’t worry about having to bring your own food with you. At the Snack Shack, you can get just about any summertime treat you want. It’s convenient getting a bite to eat while you’re there, and the food will give the little ones their energy back, so they can keep having fun all day long.

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