How to Tell When Your Chrysler in Woodbridge Needs New Brakes

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Your brake system is there to bring that beautiful new vehicle to a stop when you need to. All the horsepower and advanced technology don’t mean a thing if your brake system is not what it should be.

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A system as intricate and as hardworking as the brakes can wear down over time. There are many different things that can happen without you knowing it. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to certain signs that our Chrysler service experts near Woodbridge put together, which let you know if something is up with your brakes.

Odd Sounds

Your brakes can’t talk, but they can still let you know when something is wrong with alarming sounds like grinding or squealing. Grinding noises can come from something getting jammed in your brake system. A squealing sound is usually a sign that your brake pads are just worn out on your Chrysler near Woodbridge. If you hear something odd, then you should bring your vehicle in for service at Safford of Springfield.

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Something Doesn’t Feel Right

When you hit the brakes, you want to feel a firm, consistent response that lets you know you are coming to a stop in time. A sign that something is wrong with your brakes is a “soft” or “spongy” feeling when you hit them. It might feel like something is skipping and this can be dangerous in a situation where you need to stop abruptly. If it feels like your Chrysler is pulling to one side during braking, this could be a sign of a locked caliper or a problem with brake fluid.

Something Stinks

If you get a whiff of melting plastic or electrical insulation, this is another sure sign something isn’t right with your brake system. There are a lot of electrical components that help modern car brake systems do their job and if they are shorting out, chances are that you will smell it.

If you think it’s time to get your brakes looked at, contact Safford of Springfield today at (844) 344-9042.


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