How To See and Be Seen in Your Jeep in Arlington

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How To See and Be Seen in Your Jeep

Summer is in full effect and that means more people spending time outside and longer days. It also means that dusk seems to last a lot longer, and with more pedestrians and bicyclists out on the road, it can be tough to see and be seen.

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That’s why our Arlington Jeep service experts came up with some tips on how to see better and be seen out on the crowded roads around Northern Virginia this summer. There’s no reason to take unnecessary chances with visibility when you can take some simple steps to clear things up.

Keep Them Bright and Shining

What you may not realize is that over time, dirt, dust, and even salt air from the Chesapeake Bay can build up and take some of the brightness out of your headlights. You should make sure to clean these regularly, especially right after winter is over so your headlights will be seen by other cars and pedestrians for a safer driving experience in your Jeep around Arlington.

But having bright, shining headlights isn’t always enough. It ensures that you can be seen by everyone, but that doesn’t mean much if you can’t see well. First off, it can be a good idea to put your lights on even before the sun goes down at this time of year. Visibility can be difficult around sundown not just for you, but also for pedestrians crossing the street. If you put your headlights on, it helps others see you at a time when the lighting is most difficult.

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The other side of this is keeping your windshield and line of vision clear when driving with your headlights on. A dirty windshield, whether it’s grime or bugs, can be a serious hazard to visibility. Make sure you have the proper amount of windshield wiper fluid ready to remove everything from rain spots to dead bugs so you can see clearly again.

If you’re having any problems with visibility, get car maintenance help from the experts at Safford of Springfield. Give us a call today at 844-339-7774.


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