This Season Get a Taste for Ground Cherries

October 5th, 2020 by

Ripe ground cherries on a grey wooden table
When you first unwrap a ground cherry from its natural, leafy casing, it might easily be mistaken for tomatillo, but this colorful member of the nightshade family has a unique character of its own. A little sweet, a little tropical, and with a flavor profile somewhere between a grape and a gooseberry, the ground cherry is the perfect ingredient to liven up some old favorite dishes or try something new altogether.

Coffee Cake

If you’re a fan of soft, rich coffee cake, adding ground cherries a la this Platter Talk recipe will lend a whole new dimension to the dessert. Whether you’re prepping something sweet for brunch or an after-dinner treat, the addition of ground cherries can add a special seasonality to your cake. Balancing the ground cherries with something more familiar like coffee is a great way to acquire a taste for the seasonal ingredient.

Ground Cherry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

If you’re looking for a fun new spread for biscuits, bagels, and so on, this pepper jelly recipe by Picky to Plenty blends sweet with heat. It’s the perfect pairing for brie, and it can liven up sandwiches and pastries with a complex kick. A single jalapeño should provide all the spice you need, but you can certainly add another if you really want to feel the burn. Remember to use a stainless steel pot to cook the jelly, as you’ll need a non-reactive material to ensure the metal doesn’t impart an unwelcome flavor into the mix.

Chocolate Ground Cherry Upside Down Cake

This upside down cake by Tin and Thyme complements delicious chocolate with the ground cherry’s tangy tartness. While it’s always fine to serve chilled, if you prefer to enjoy the cake warm, you’ll find that it goes well with custard or ice cream. If these recipes sound appetizing to you, there are even more ideas to take advantage of these seasonal delights, from compote to a zesty pie.

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