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Get Your Dodge Ready

The snow is finally gone (Hopefully), and the temperature has slowly begun its climb up to enjoyable levels. This, along with an extra hour of daylight, means that the sunshine of spring is close at hand and everyone at our Springfield Dodge dealer is thrilled with this prospect. It means nice drives into the country for hikes, picnics, and just more fun outside.

Before you do start planning your springtime adventures, it is important to make sure your vehicle is up to the task. Here are our top tips to follow to get your car ready for the warm weather ahead.

Remove Salt From the Undercarriage

While road salt helps keep us from sliding out on icy roads in the winter, the build-up can eat away at the bottom of your Dodge in Springfield. This problem can be solved by turning your garden hose on full blast and spraying the undercarriage of your vehicle to loosen up winter grime and salt. Even a low lawn sprinkler placed underneath can do the trick if you´re busy.

Under Tire Pressure

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Air temperature has a profound effect on tire pressure. It can change one pound per square inch for every 10 degrees in the change of outside temperature. So make sure to check your tires when the weather warms up and consult your owner´s manual for proper pressure amounts. Remember to get a reading when the tires are cold. Measuring after the car has been in use will give you an inaccurate reading.

Check Your Blades

All that grime from the road, the ice from storms, and constant use can take a serious toll on your wiper blades. Springfield Dodge drivers should consider replacing their wipers since the life expectancy is only six months to a year. Don´t wait until you´re caught in an April rainstorm to realize it´s time for a new pair of blades. Don´t forget to check your wiper fluid levels too.

Check Your Levels

There are many components that require fluids to keep them going and the end of the wicked winter weather is a good time to get a reading on everything from oil to engine coolant. If you bring your car into our Springfield Dodge service center, our maintenance experts will look everything over so you can take to the road with confidence this spring.

Contact us today for more vehicle maintenance tips, or give Safford of Springfield a call at 844-339-7774 to schedule an appointment.

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