Family Trip Tips From Your Arlington Jeep Dealer

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Family Trip Tips

Maybe that trip to see the family over Thanksgiving didn´t go as smoothly as you´d hoped. A long ride with the whole family can seem like an endless journey if you don´t have a game plan for how to keep the young ones happy. Our Arlington Jeep dealer is here to help you out with a few tips and strategies on how to make your next long trip a peaceful one.


Nothing causes problems quicker on the road than a hungry child. Stopping for something to eat can take up a lot of time and extend the trip, and it´s not usually that healthy. It´s a good idea to pack snacks in order to save money, time, and tummy aches from fast food. Bring a variety so there´s something for everyone´s tastes. Jeep Arlington drivers get plenty of room for a small cooler with all the storage space in many of our new models.


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This can come in many shapes and forms. There´s an endless amount of portable entertainment options you can bring along that the children can focus on instead of repeating that tiresome question, “Are we there yet?” An iPod® or portable CD player is a great way for kids of all ages to tune out and enjoy their own selection of songs. They might not be feeling holiday music you´ve got playing so this gives them options of their own. A tablet or laptop is a great way to keep them entertained because it can hold a bevy of games, books, and offer a way for them to watch a movie or two. Even a good old fashion book can do the trick for some kids if you don´t have the fancy electronic version. It´s important to have enough for the kids to share because only one entertainment option could cause more fighting than it´s worth.

First Aid

This may seem silly, but nothing can spoil a trip faster than an upset stomach, a headache, or even a little cut on a finger. That´s why it´s important to have an up-to-date first aid kit ready to go with band-aids, instant cold-compresses, pain relievers, and Dramamine for carsickness.

Safford of Springfield has all the tips for taking those long family trips and a great selection of Jeep vehicles capable of fitting everyone comfortably. Contact us to learn more.

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