Easy Steps to Greener Cars For Dodge Richmond Drivers

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Easy Steps to Greener Cars

There’s a lot of talk about reducing emissions and finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment overall. For good reason too since a cleaner future is a brighter future for all of us. While there are more fuel-efficient and innovative vehicles coming out every year, a new car may not be in your budget.

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That doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take to ensure you reduce your impact on the environment in whatever vehicle you are currently driving. Our Richmond area Dodge dealer put together some steps you can take to make your car “Greener.”

Keep It Tuned

A properly maintained vehicle vastly improves efficiency, reduces emissions, and saves you money in the long haul. Checking the spark plugs, replacing fuel and air filters, and checking the ignition system can help you burn less gas, pollute less, and avoid more serious car trouble down the road. You can actually improve gas mileage by 4% with a proper tune-up, which is good for the environment and keeps more money in your pocket.

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Drive Smart

Just because your 2015 Dodge Challenger in Richmond can push it to the limit, doesn’t mean you need to every time you’re behind the wheel. The way you drive can have a severe impact on your emissions. Unnecessary acceleration and frequent braking can lower your MPG tremendously. So use your cruise control when possible and don’t speed up when coming to a red light or a stop sign.

Another simple step you can take is to remove the extra junk that doesn’t need to be in your vehicle. Those things sitting in your trunk are just adding weight and can also reduce fuel-efficiency. If you want to reduce emissions too, use the air conditioning only when absolutely necessary.

Odds and Ends

Here are a few steps that are simple and can also make a difference when it comes to reducing your car’s impact on the environment:

  • A loose or damaged gas cap can allow fuel to escape as a vapor while you’re driving. That means wasting gas for you and adding pollutants into the atmosphere.
  • When filling your Dodge up in Richmond, stop filling when the nozzle shuts off. Overfilling also sends pollutants into the atmosphere and wastes money that you’re putting into the pump.
  • Having tires that are properly inflated and rotated regularly can do wonders for your fuel economy. Don’t underestimate how much smoother and efficient your ride can be if you take care of your tires.


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